Our Guardian Services are

  1. Appoint a friendly, welcoming and fully inspected Homestay Family, which is close to your child’s school. The Homestay Family provides a home for your child during all weekend breaks, half terms and holidays.
  2. Make all personal travel arrangements for weekend breaks, half terms and holidays.
  3. Provide genuine pastoral care and take an interest in your child’s progress at school and in their personal development as they grow into adults.
  4. Attend parent/teacher meetings when required or reasonably requested by You.
  5. Ten Garden are on call 24 hours every day to help you and your child with any difficulties or problems that may arise.
  6. Assist with opening UK bank accounts.
  7. Provide support, help and advice on medical issues.
  8. Advise and assist you regarding placements with future schools including handling the applications for you. They will also organise suitable English language, tutoring and revision courses for the holidays.
  9. Arrange visits to schools or universities for interviews.
  10. Help your child purchase school uniform and other items he or she might need.
  11. Manage your child’s pocket money.
  12. Organise the purchase of UK mobile SIM cards.
  13. In the event of a crisis, we will support your child by providing advice and assistance.
  14. Represent both you as parents and your child’s needs through good communication with your child’s school and host Families.

Guardianship is a meticulous work, and more details cannot be said here. Please feel free to contact us for your customized service!

Emergency Number :+44 (0) 7885 278 366

Important Information

More Policies are available to parents on request.


After Aegis inspection

What Aegis said about us

Ten Garden is an education group that provides professional advice to students who seek to study in the UK. They are a guardian organisation offering a quality service to students under their care. The administration both on paper and in practice is exceptional. The company meet all the minimum standards and exceed them in many areas.

What Schools said about us

All the schools that responded reported that they receive sufficient and appropriate information from the organisation and would recommend Ten Garden’s services, whilst almost all felt they were very professional in their approach to caring for students, with the remainder reporting that they felt they were ‘reasonably’ professional. Likewise, the response regarding the reliability of homestay arrangements received similar rates of satisfaction, including the two schools that cater for students that are privately fostered and require homestay placements.

What Parents said about us

Most were extremely happy with Ten Garden and would recommend the organisation to other parents. With regard to the transport services and the level of satisfaction by parents about how happy they feel with Ten Garden’s choice of homestay and the level of communication received.

What Students said about us

Ten Garden contacts her every two or three days and she always finds it easy to contact them if necessary, and she consistently receives a prompt response. She feels more comfortable contacting her guardian than with the school boarding house staff, as she liaises on a regular basis with her.

What Host Family said about us

The homestay described the service provided by Ten Gardens as efficient, well-organised, that they are easy to liaise with and she enjoys acting as a homestay family for this organisation.


Who takes the guardianship responsibility for my son/daughter?

Whether in school or staying with a host family, Ten Garden Guardians’ Director, Kiki Zeng, remains the legal guardian of our international students whilst he/she is in the UK. She is assisted by her team of Office Administrators and qualified Coordinators. During term time, the school has responsibility for day-to-day care, as well as for the academic and social development of your child. Families hosting international students take over responsibility for day-to-day care whilst your child is staying with them at times when the school is closed.

How do you choose your Host Families?

Host Families come to us either by recommendation or by applying to become a host family through their own application. Prospective families are required to give details of the family members, their work, their interests, their pets and other information to determine their suitability for hosting foreign students. We then arrange a home visit to meet the family and inspect the facilities available to the student, especially the bedroom and bathroom in the host student accommodation. The visit also helps us to establish if the family is caring and warm, which is extremely important for the welfare of your child. We make detailed notes which enable us to match your child to a suitable family. All of our families are police checked (using the DBS -Disclosure and Barring Service) and provide references.

What happens in an emergency?

You and your child are given the Ten Garden 24-hour emergency contact details when they first arrive in the UK. The school is also informed of our contact details. In most cases, the situation can be resolved by one or more telephone calls, however, in the case of a suspension or a medical emergency we will liaise with you and with the school until the matter is resolved.

What happens if my child falls ill?

Your child will be registered with his or her School’s local National Health Service Doctor who will attend to your child should they fall ill. This is provided free of charge even if they are admitted to hospital. In the event of serious illness or injuries, we will be in contact with you and keep you informed of your child’s progress at all times. All schools also have an in-house nurse and medical centre to care for your child’s needs on a day to day basis.

Who monitors my child’s academic progress?

Schools provide regular written reports on their students’ academic progress. Typically, you will receive three written academic reports a year, one at the end of each term. Your child will also be assessed with grade marks for effort and achievement at regular intervals throughout each term. In addition, there will be an annual parent-teacher meeting which we will attend on your behalf if requested. We will send you a full written report of this meeting.