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About Us

Ten Garden Education Group is dedicated to providing professional advice to students who seek to study abroad and also to provide guardian services to students from Greater China, especially those aged 18 and under. We also assist students to apply for places in UK schools at different stages of their education, including: nursery school/preschool (0-4 years old), primary school (5-11 years old), secondary school (11-14 years old), GCSE (14-16 years old) and A- level or IB courses (16-18 years old). We supply students and parents with all the relevant information they need to make their choices regarding education in the UK, including details of the British education system and information about boarding schools in the UK and cultural and educational tips that enable students to make the transition to UK school life. We offer tutoring to bring pupils up to speed if need be, as well as providing short-term exchange opportunities in the UK for students based in both China and the UK. Ultimately the company serves the development of the relationship between UK and Chinese boarding schools through communication, cultural and educational development and through the promotion of elite education.

Our Services

  • Both the school and visa applications for Chinese students who wish to attend UK boarding schools
  • Preparing our students for life in the UK and to be successful in the British education system
  • Provide information on guardianship, host family accommodation and on how to assimilate into UK life
  • Provide tuition to students in UK boarding schools to ensure their language ability and offer learning support to pupils taking exams
  • offer short term exchange opportunities to UK and China based students in the form of summer or winter camps.


Ten Garden Education has published a booklet titled ‘The Guide to UK Boarding Schools’. The booklet begins with an introduction to the British education system and particularly boarding school education. There is section that clarifies some of the vocabulary/jargon unique to boarding schools in the UK as well as an introduction to some of the schools, the curricula and the exams. It also informs about aspects of guardianship, accommodation and life in the UK away from home. It serves as an essential guide to Chinese students looking to study and live in the UK.

Ten Garden is accredited by AEGIS, the Association for the Education and the Guardianship of International students

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